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This section is still being worked on so there will be more additions and modifications.

The first link, below, will take you to the biography of my grandfather, which is still being worked on and research still being carried out. One thing I've learned about family history is that you have to fight for every tiny piece of information, which, quite often (too often!), you never manage to find - the interest, however, is as much in the search as in the success.

There is another problem, however, and that is not recognising just what the information, which you've looked at many, many times, is telling you! The blindingly obvious, can sometimes leave you more blind to the facts than make the facts obvious! I know, I've been there!

The second link takes you to something I've called "Items from his scrapbooks and other things", simply because, at the moment, I can't think what else to call it! This is a list of other sections; each section covering an aspect, an interest, of my grandfather's life, which while, in truth, is not part of his biography, were very much part of his life.

John James Newport's Biography

Items from his scrapbooks and other things

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