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Hooe as seen through the Eyes of Others


In my search for information on the village of Hooe, I came across many articles, in books, newspapers, and magazines, written at different times and by different people, where Hooe was described as it had been seen by the writer.

Each one of these articles is a view of the village, as seen at a specific time in the past, and I include them all here because of that. Each person saw some small part of the village differently to the others, and I felt that these should not be, in a way, hidden on open shelves in libraries and repositories, to be found, perhaps, but only perhaps, one day, sometime in the future, by a researcher.

All the information that follows, is out of copyright, so may be copied as others may wish.

001 - Kipling

002 - Topographical Dictionary of England - 1831

003 - "Ben Allah Achmet" or "The Fatal Tum" - A Poem by Gilbert and Sullivan

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