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024 – Hooe in Old Postcards & Photographs


The following images all show some part, some aspect of Hooe and the people who lived there – a place, a farm, a house, an event, a person, or a group of people.

I love old photographs and just can′t destroy them because they are a split second of history - of someone′s life or where they lived or what they did - which can never be repeated or recalled once it′s gone.

The postcards are all well-worn and faded but at least they are here and can be seen.

If anyone who reads this website (assuming somebody does - you never know, I could be talking to myself!) and has an old photograph or postcard of the village or people from it, I would love to have a digital copy of it, or a copy of it in any form, to put in this section.If anyone has better, clearer images of the postcagrds shown, they would be very welcome, very welcome indeed!

The following images are shown in the form of a "Flip" book. Move the cursor over the top of the page (centre, or right or left corner) and the page will begin to curl. Pull down and release to turn the page.

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