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023 - Crime & Policing Hooe


Hooe has always been a small village and, I would guess, a reasonably law-abiding one at that but, just occasionally, crime has, for a while, given the villagers something to talk about. Searching the local newspapers, the "Bexhill Observer" and the "Bexhill Chronicle", for any mention of Hooe, I came across many reports of misdemeanours, some serious, some humorous, some sad, and I just had to collect these as well.

I found mention of "crime" in Hooe in many places (a "crime", of course, mainly, depends on the point of view of the society at the time and the laws it passes) and will add these as I find time.

001 – The King v. the Inhabitants of Hooe - 1803 002 – The Trial of Henry Stubberfield - 1830 003 – Hooe Stocks
004 – Newspapers (by decade) 005 – General extracts from various sources

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