A015 - Hooe Buildings - Past and Present

Iím going to do something that I really shouldnít - no, not that! Iím going to admit that I am no expert regarding the history of the houses in Hooe Ė you knew that? Well, Iíd still like to admit it. Apparently, itís very wrong for the author of any publication, to admit that he doesnít know something - well, tough!

What Iíve written is what I have discovered from many sources but, while Iíve tried to check the accuracy of any statement or story, itís not always possible - and I just donít have the resources or the time Ė at my age you just have to press on!

Also, sometimes, one learns something that is very interesting but itís just hearsay so should it be included? In the case of my website, I believe it should because, as Iíve said so many times, Iím passing on what Iíve heard or been told or what Iíve discovered and hope that someone elase may investigate it further and discover the truth. If I donít mention it, however, it may well be completely forgotten.

The following details on the houses have come from many sources Ė scrap books, printed volumes, record offices, newspapers, and others. If anyone can correct what Iíve written I would be very grateful Ė either by pointing out that something Iíve said isnít true or by adding something I havenít got.

001 - Bell House

002 - Hooe Mill

003 - Hooe Post Office

004 - Red Lion

005 - Hooe Lodge

006 - Lamb Inn

007 - Spring Cottage

008 - Two Running Horses Inn

009 - Elizabethan Cottages

010 - High House

011 - The Retreat

012 - Lordís House

013 - School Farmhouse

014 - Sunnyside Cottage

015 - Parsonage Farm

016 - Sadlerís Farm

017 - Glebe Cottage (The Vicarage)

018 - 3-4 Pleasant View

019 - The Forge

020 - Easton's Farmhouse

021 - Church Farmhouse Forge

022 - The Grove

023 - Oldbury Farm

024 - Dewby's (Denby's) Farmhouse

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