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013 - The Church of St. Oswald

In 1898, my grandfather, John James Newport, produced the first edition of a small book on Hooe Church, giving its history and a description of the architecture and fittings. I didn't think, when I started this website, that I would ever be able to add anything to what he wrote in that book but, as I looked further into the subject, I began to find old records of which my grandfather, probably, wouldn't have been aware.

In the following sections, I have given some of the information that he didn't or couldn't, while there are also sections which add something to what he said.

I researched the subject of Hooe Church for several years but there are still many questions that I have and can't, at the moment, answer.

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001 - Why so far from the Village?

002 - All Saints, St. James or St. Oswald?

003 - The Vicars of Hooe

004 - Burials in the "New" Churchyard, Hooe

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