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009 - Marriages from the Newspapers

The vast majority of these marriage reports come from the "Bexhill Observer" and the "Bexhill Chronicle" but I found many in other newspapers.

As I've said with the bereavements, it would have been better if I could have given images of the newspaper extracts instead of transcriptions, but the quality of the report taken from a scanned image of the photocopy produced (on a library film reader!) of the film of the original old, faded newspaper sheet (get the idea!?) would, in most cases have left much to be desired - there would have been sections that were unreadable! So, I just had to get on with it!

I've given everything mentioned in the report - the names of bride and groom (obviously). those at the reception, and the gifts from relatives and friends.

I hope it will stir some memories!

Once again, the reports are shown as a "pdf" file, so the software program, "Adobe Reader, will be necessary.

At the moment, like so much else on this website, I'm still working on the webpage!

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