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Dangerous bend near Parsonage Lane

Early in 1937, Hooe Parish Council became aware of a possible cause of accidents for motorists at the junction of Parsonage Lane and the old Pevensey Road, so, on 29th April, my grandfather, in his capacity as Hooe Parish Clerk, was instructed, by the Council, to write to the County Surveyor, at County Hall, in Lewes, regarding the matter. Over the next two years, letters passed between Hooe Parish Council, the County Council, and Hailsham District Council but, finally, it was decided, by the East Sussex County Council, that the problem was not sufficiently dangerous or likely to happen so as to warrant spending money on any modifications to the junction.

The correspondence that is at held at the East Sussex Record Office, under the reference P382-14-16, comprises six letters, all in a brown ‘manila’ envelope and addressed to "J. J. Newport, Esq., Clerk to the Hooe Parish Council"

The letters are as listed below and can all be viewed, in one document, in pdf format, HERE.

Letter 01 – 11 May 1937 – From the County Surveyor to J. J. N. "Re: Alleged dangerous bend near Parsonage Lane, Hooe"

Letter 02 – 20 January 1939 – from J. J. N. to Hailsham Rural District Council (A. Carr - Clerk) "Re: A Dangerous Roadside Bend, Pevensey Rd"

Letter 03 – 21 January 1939 – from Hailsham Rural District Council to J. J. N., Esq. - "Clerk to the Parish Council, Hooe Common, Nr. Bexhill."

Letter 04 – 10 February 1939 – from Hailsham Rural District Council to J. J. N. - "Re: A Dangerous Roadside Bend, Pevensey Road."

Letter 05 – 13 February 1939 – from East Sussex County Council to J. J. N. - "Roadside Bend, Pevensey Road, Hooe";

Letter 06 – 17 May 1939 – East Sussex County Council to J. J. N. - "Suggested Improvement opposite to entrance to Parsonage Lane, Hooe"

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