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This section is not, nor was it ever intended to be, a factual, text-book, history of the governance of the village; it came about, purely, because, in my researching my grandfather’s life, in Hooe, I came across a great deal of documentation concerned with the day-to-day running of the village - and didn’t, really, know what to do with it! It, just, didn’t fit into any of the sections, on my website, that I had, up to that time, created.

At first, the documentation was all newspaper cuttings, about refuse collection, paper salvage, water quality, and churchyard matters, from my grandfather’s scrapbooks; then I found a great deal of correspondence - old letters, hand-written and typed by him, when carrying out his duties as, among many others, Parish Clerk, and Clerk to the Parochial Church Council. Eventually, I came upon Hooe’s Settlement Certificates, Removal Orders, Overseers Accounts, Land Transactions, and the maintenance of Hooe’s roads, all of which I copied, purely out of interest and a love of history. Having found these documents, however, I couldn’t, just, close them up, go home, and forget that they had ever existed; I needed to collect them, like any collector: but, then, what to do with them? Well, at that time I was producing my website and it was obvious that they must go on it, it was part of the village’s history, so I created the section on “Administration”. It is, however, just a collection of facts and figures - very little story and because there is such a lot of documentation I will add them as soon as I can but it’s a slow process!

01 – The Parish Council

02– The Vestry

03 – Parliamentary Elections

04– Parish Property

05 – Mr Thomas Betton’s Charity

06 – Settlement Records

07 – Removal Orders

08 – Bastardy Orders

09 – Overseer’s – 1878 - 1926

10 – Repair & Maintenance. Of Roads, Hedges, Paths

11 – Repair & Maintenance of Ditches, Sewers, Marshes

12 – Refuse Collection Service

13 – The Purity of Hooe Spring Water

14 – Allotments at Straight Lane

15 – Adoption of the 1860 Improvement Act

16 – The Parish Room/Village Hall and the Accounts

17 – Rights of Way; the Act of 1932

18 – Map drawn by J. J. Newport

19 – The Stopping-up of Barnhorn Lane

20 – The Parish Clerk’s bond – Oct 1928-Oct 1931

21 – The Parish Clerk’s duties (prepared for J J Newport)

22 – Auditing the Parish Council Accounts

23 – Loan for the Playing Field

24 – Grazing rights on the playing field - 1940- 1945

25 – The Dangerous corner near the Lamb Inn

26 – Dangerous bend near Parsonage Lane

27 – 10 mph speed limit on Under Lane, Hooe

28 – Hooe Roads

29 – Miscellaneous reports by the Clerk to the Council - April 1940

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