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000 - Introduction to " Hooe, Sussex, from the Records "

I, originally, called this website, and my section on it, " A History of Hooe ", until I realised that it really wasn't; it was, in fact, nothing more than a compilation of newspaper reports, correspondence of one sort and another, notes, scrapbooks, old directories, censuses, and many other types of document but all to do with Hooe, and all, obviously, historical. So, I changed the title of this section to " Hooe, Sussex, from the Records" partly because that's what it was, partly I couldn't think of a better one, and partly because it was very similar to that used by my grandfather for his book!

Anyway, this online history, or whatever it should be called, will, I expect, never really be completed for many reasons; the first reason being the work, and time, involved in processing the vast amount of information that I've collected over the last thirty years and to which I am still adding. I didn't realise that I had collected so much, in notes and scraps of paper, until I decided, one day, that it would be better to write it down all that I had collected rather than just throw it away or lose it.

Very little of the information, I have, can just be copied and " pasted " in place, as most of it came from many, different sources, and at different times, with each source giving just a little bit of the overall story. The number of times is legion, when I've written something down, stating it as fact, only to discover, later, another item that changes, adds to or just contradicts, what I've just said! Also, sometimes you don't know what you've got until you've read it, re-read it, and thought about it for some time and, then, it hits you before you "publish" - or, at least, you hope it does!.

Then, there are the records still waiting to be looked at, some of which I am aware of, waiting to be copied or transcribed, and some I am not - as yet.

There are (I hope!) people who will tell me things about the village, which I can add to this "history" but I do have to bear in mind that the Internet is not the place to tell secrets or give sensitive information.

I would love to see old photographs and know who was in them, hear stories about the village and the people who loived there, know the names of those who were members of the Prize Silver Band and the football team - perhaps, one day, I'll find out.

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