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Section 2 - Prefaces, Notes, etc. (Pages 1 - 3)

Explanatory Notes
Eighty-seven years have passed since my father produced his second edition of this booklet. An up-dated, but incomplete draft of a third edition has recently come into my possession, which I now feel should be published just as he wrote it - with no apology for any inaccuracies or changes in style caused by the lapse of time. No attempt has been made to record any twentieth century developments at Hooe. I would like this to be published in memory of my sister Gwendoline, who was always associated with Hooe Church and, indeed, was Organist for nearly forty years. I wish to express my sincere thanks to my son-in-law David G.W. Dewar M.A., my daughter Kathleen, and my wife Margaret for their great help, support and enthusiasm in bringing this booklet to the publishers. To the Sussex Archaeological Society for a copy of the 2nd ed. 1899. I hope this will generate further interest and investigation into Hooe Church and its history, and my father's efforts in creating a third edition will not be wasted.

Donald H. Newport.
Little Ingrams, Ninfield.
November 1986.

Preface to the Third Edition
Additional matter gained by further research has called for another edition of this book. The Author takes this opportunity of mentioning it was Miss Hamet Poole, a relative of the Rev. C. Routh, who asked the question "How old is this Church?" which led him to dive into its history. Before this incident some peculiar features of the building had been pointed out and questions asked him by Mr. A.T. Stevens. To him he is indebted for his first spark of affectionate interest in the sacred edifice. He gladly records much of his success is owing to the attention and direction of interested attendants at South Hampstead Library. Thanks are also hereby tendered to R.W. Hayward Esq., and Mrs. J. Smith for assistance given. When the History of Hooe Church was entered upon there was no anticipation it would lead to the publication of a book; therefore no need was felt of noting the authorities consulted. In the present edition this defect is to some extent remedied.

John James Newport
Caritas Villa, Hooe.

Preface to the Seond Edition
The former edition ot this little work was received most favourably by both clergy and laity. By it many parishioners have been led to a deeper interest in their Church. After reading it, Miss Routh of Bexhill generously offered to defray the whole cost of restoring the tower, resulting in the completion of the restoration of the Church. The Author tenders his thanks to the many friends who encouraged or aided him in his labour. Among these he desires to specially mention: The Right Rev, the Lord Bishop of Chichester; the Revs. G.H. Jones, C. Routh, Canon Simpson, W. Walsh and W.J. Watkins Esqs., J. E. Brand, C. C., S. Dodson, Gordon Green, G. Harmer, and E. E. Hurst, J.P. Mrs. 3. Carey, Messrs. Mears and Stainbank (of London) and the Trustees of the British Museum. He acknowledges his indebtedness to the Public Libraries of South Hampstead and St. Martin's-le-Grand; and to the Sussex Archaeological Society's Collections. He trusts this revised edition will prove as useful and as welcome as its predecessor.

John James Newport
Caritas Villa, Hooe
June 1899

Postscript to the First Edition
The foregoing pages are the result of reading and thought in a few weeks' holiday. Curiosity roused by a simple unsatisfied question led the author to devote many hours to archaeology, topography and architecture. He realises his inability to grasp what time has snatched away. The charm of his subject and the encouraging interest and help of friends have caused him to do a little, which he trusts may be blessed to do much good. PRO DEO ET PATRIA.

John James Newport
Caritas Villa, Hooe
October 1st, 1898


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