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William Newport - Royal Marine (1805-1865)

William is not a direct ancestor of mine but is my great-great-uncle, however, as I had no where else to put him, and his story is very interesting, I decided to put him here.


Introduction - Explains what this section is all about and gives some idea as to what it contains.

The Royal Marines - What a Royal Marine was during William's time and what their duties were.

William Newport R.M. - His Family History - Unfortunately, as can be expected with an ordinary agricultural labourer aged 17, there's really not much of his life to report - not, that is, until he decided to join the Royal Marines, then there was much more to discover

Various Documents - Attestation Form, Description Book, Muster Rolls, & Medal List, a few anecdotes - and for those interested details of the ship!

Greek Independence & The Battle of Navarino - This was the last sea-battle to be fought completely under sail and my Great Great Uncle William was a Royal Marine on board at the time. For those interested, as I was, and am, I give a short description of what happened that day.

The War in Syria - 1840 - William's part in this war is not easy to determine but I have given a short description of the war and what little I discovered about the part the Royal Marines played in it, with the intention of going deeper into the subject later.

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