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Introduction to the Hooe Section - This gives some background to the production of the books that my grandfather wrote and my reasons for trying to follow in his footsteps.

"An Illustrated Historical and Descriptive Account of Hooe Church, Sussex" (Published 1898) - by John James Newport
In 1898, my grandfather produced this "book", on the history of St Oswald's Church, in Hooe, comprising, just, ten pages; it was to be the first of three editions. He hand-wrote this edition and hand-printed the published version on some form of small rotary mechanical printer. He says, in the postscript to the first edition, that it all started when he could find no answer to a simple question regarding the church. One wonders whether he would have ever written the book if the question had never been asked!

"An Illustrated Historical and Descriptive Account of Hooe Church, Sussex" - by John James Newport
In 1899, he produced a second version but no copies have been found. He, later, prepared a third edition but lent the draft to someone in the village for proof-reading who, unfortunately, lost it. In the 1980s, it was found and, in 1986, was, finally, published.This is a copy of the contents of that book.

"Records of Hooe, Battle, Sussex" - by John James Newport
My grandfather, in 1936, produced the draft of a small book he had been working on, since 1898. The book was simply entitled "The Records of Hooe" and was, basically, the history of the village, from Domesday up to the, then, present time, using the many parish records to which he had access. For comment, he passed the draft copy to another person in the village and the draft was mislaid, and thought to be lost. Many years later parts of it came to light and the story was put together from those pieces and privately published, in 1989.

"Hooe, Sussex, from the Records" - by John William Newport
This is my attempt to cover some of the history of the village that my grandfather either didn't write about or couldn't. Over the past twenty-five years, I have collected, a large amount of information on the village from many sources and I just don't want to throw it away!


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